रज़ा फ़ाउण्डेशन की वेबसाइट पर आपका स्वागत हैं।



On his 93rd birthday February 22nd, 2015 Raza clearly stated that "I hereby authorise the Raza Foundation to hold copyright of all my works throughout the world. This authorisation supercedes, cancels and overides any other previous authorisation that might have been made by me or on my behalf. This is an unequivocal declaration and authorisation that the sole and exclusive holder of copyright of all my works anywhere in the world is now the Raza Foundation and no other person or body anywhere be entitled to dispute this in any manner. I am assigning copyright of all my works to the Raza Foundation out of my own free will and with full faith in the Raza Foundation, a charitable trust I have founded, funded and run with many friends for nearly 15 years".

In Sept 2015 again Sayed Haider Raza re-confirmed in an agreement with DACS, London for use of his works images and gave all his rights to the Raza Foundation, New Delhi.


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