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Grants Supports 2014-15

The Spirit of Indian Painting : B N Goswamy

The Raza Foundation provided financial with the amount of Rs. 5 lakhs support for a book by B. N. Goswamy title “The Spirit of Indian Painting: Close Encounters with 101 Great Works 1100-1900”. This book is explaining thoroughly the themes and emotions that inspired Indian painters, the standards and effects that molded their work and the exclusive ways in which they portray time and space. 

Critic Community: Contemporary Art Writing in India Workshop

The Foundation provided financial supports to “TAKE bi-annual journal”. They organized a workshop in Goa “Critic-Community: Contemporary Art Writing in India”. It was four-day program which geared at writers from around India as an opportunity to workshop for a new piece of writing.

Gati Dance Forum Residency

The Foundation provided financial support with the amount of Rs. 2 lakhs to the Gati Forum to pioneering arts initiative that works in the field of contemporary dance. It was founded in 2007, in response to the glaring absence of opportunities and infrastructure for independent dance in India.

Kathadesh, Hindi magazine

The Foundation provided financial support with the amount of Rs. 2 lakhs to ‘Kathadesh’. It is a Hindi monthly magazine. It covers story about art, culture and literature.

Kaljayee Kumar Gandharva

The Foundation provided financial support with the amount of Rs. 4 lakhs to the ‘Kumar Gandharva Pratishthan’ for a book project title “Kaljayee Kumar Gandharva” edited by Kalapini Komkali and Rekha Inamdar- Sane. This book is in two parts and it has published in three languages Hindi, English and Marathi. This volume has been tribute to a maestro extraordinaire Kumar Gandharva.

Travel Support for Cinemada Mare Festival

The Raza Foundation provided financial support to Moonis Ahmed of a young artist from Kashmir. He had experimented with heterotrophic space which juxtaposes the Kashmir’s socio political and cultural realities. It was selected at “Cinemada Mare Festival” in Italy 2014 which was biggest international gathering of young film makers.

Kal Humara Hai, Madhukali

The Raza Foundation provided Rs. 50,000/ to ‘Madhukali’, Bhopal for their festival ‘Kal Hamara Hai’. In the memory of Pandit Lalamani Mishra in the 32 years of the established cultural institution Madhukali. Pt. Omprakash Chourasiya, one of the senior players of Santoor, established Madhukali in 1983 with the express aim of reviving the ancient tradition of orchestration and choral singing. Festival provided two days centered on young artists of Bhopal.

Kumar Shahani: The Shock of Desire and Other Essays

The Foundation provided Rs. 4 lakhs for a book title “Kumar Shahani: The Shock of Desire and Other Essays” by Ashish Rajadhyaksha. This book starts with a comprehensive essay "Kumar Shahani Now," by the editor. This book has fifty-one essays which were written over a forty-year period by India's leading independent filmmaker. They provide new insights into a turbulent era in modern India's cultural history. There are also personal essays on filmmakers and artists including his teachers and colleagues.

Sannidhi, Classical Music and Dance festival

The Raza Foundation provided financial support with the amount of Rs. 2 lakh to Sannidhi for a Classical Dance and music festival in Mumbai in the memory of Ustad Zia Moinuddin Dagar & Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar. Sannidhi was a four day long performing arts festival, held in memory of two great maestros of Indian classical music, Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar and Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar, and is organized by The School of Dhrupad, Palaspe. Srimati Sujata Mohapatra performed Odissi Nritya, Parvathy Baul performed Baul Sangeet, Nirmalya Dey performed Dhrupad Jugalbandi, Mohi Baha’uddin on Rudraveena and Vidushi Ashwini Bhide Deshpande permomed Hindustani Khayal.

A Seminar on Hindi Novel from 1990-2014, JNU

The Foundation provided financial support with the amount of Rs.1 lakhs for a National Seminar to be held in Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi on 13-14 March 2014. Seminar was about “Hindi Novel from 1990-2014”.

409 Ramkinkars by Vivadi

The Raza Foundation provided financial support with the amount of Rs. 3 lakhs for an exhibition “Vivadi” for a production on Ramkinkar Baij, a multi arts production of theatre and visual arts directed by Anuradha Kapur and Vivan Sundaram at Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts.

Sufi Music Festival, Ramjas College History Society

The Raza Foundation provided Rs. 1 lakh to Ramjas College for a Indo-Pakistani event featuring Sufi Music in March 2105 as part of the annual academic- cultural History Society Festival of Ramjas College. They had invited world renowned Qawwals, Farid Ayaaz and Abu Muhammad, together with their accompanying group of 10 other musicians and singers to perform on the concluding evening of the festival in March 2015.
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