Art Matters 57
03-Aug-2018 04:40 PM 3676     

The Raza Foundation through its series ‘Art Matters’ provides a platform for open discussion on such issues. It endeavors not only to release the true essence of art from the clutches of definitive modernist approach in order to grasp myriad ways of extolling art, but also to stir up debate on the changing meanings of social and political theoretical concepts like rights, justice, liberty, citizenship, etc. Well known, renowned scholars and practitioners from all the diverse fields of arts, dance, music, social science, poetry, and so on are invited for this purpose.

Here, we publish the fifty seventh panel discussion of ‘Art Matters’, titled ‘Poetry Recalled’ Soumitra Mohan in conversation with Jyothish Joshi.

The event was organized at the Indian International Centre on 21st of August 2018.



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