Raza Foundation

The Raza Foundation is an arts and culture organization established by the master of Indian modern art Late Shri Sayed Haider Raza, who sets an example where fame and glory are not lonesome attainments but things to be liberally shared with the broader creative community. The Foundation has been instrumental in creating spaces for various art and culture programs, publications and fellowships to the younger talent and also carrying a deeper research into the work of the masters.

The Raza Foundation organizes debates, discussions, seminars, conferences on contemporary socio-political issues as well as events on art and culture providing a platform to recuperate and embrace the essence of various Indian classical dance forms, music and literature. Keeping alive the legacy of the master, regular exhibitions of the paintings of Master Raza, his friends and contemporaries are also organized.

The primary purpose of the Raza Foundation remains to bring forth, accentuate and acknowledge young talent as well as to evoke timely debates and discussions on contemporary issues. Your engagement and support could indeed help us pursue the path Raza Saheb took his first step on. We encourage you to be part of this worthwhile endeavour.


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