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Savita Singh

Savita Singh (b. 1962) did her Master’s and M.Phil from the University of Delhi and went to McGill University, Montreal, for higher studies. She wrote her PhD thesis on “Discourse of Modernity in India: A Hermeneutical Discourse.” During her stay in Montreal (1987-1990) and London (1991-92) she wrote poetry in English and published in journals such as “Critical Quarterly” and others. She moved back to India in 1992 and published in “The Journal of Poetry Society of India” and “Indian Literature” (Sahitya Akademi). She made her mark with the publication of her first Hindi collection Apne Jaisa Jeevan (A Life Like its Own) in 2001 to the wide acclaim of fellow poets and the literary critics. The collection received Delhi’s Hindi Academy Award in 2002 and ran into a second print. Her poems have been appearing in all the reputed magazines and journals of Hindi and English and have been translated into Marathi, Gujarati, Maithili, Urdu, French, German, Spanish and Dutch. Her second collection entitled Neend Thi Aur Raat Thi (There was Sleep and there was Night) appeared in 2005 confirming the reputation of the first collection and deepening her position as a feminist poet more assuredly, and won her the Raza Award in 2005. Her bilingual collection of poems (Hindi and English) with Sukrita Paul Kumar entitled Rowing Together appeared in 2008 and also the other bilingual collection (French and Hindi) je suis la maison des` etoiles in 2008. A poetry collection of seven women poets of five continents, Seven Leaves, One Autumn, appeared in 2010, as did a collection of Fifty Representative Poems for the New Century. She has also published her short stories of which Alas! Lebanon, in particular, received critical notice. Currently she is working on her collection of short stories and three manuscripts of meditative and explorative prose at different stages of completion: Political Theory in India- A Hermeneutical Exploration, Fathoming the Depths of Reality (with Roy Bhasker, London) and Alternative Modernity in India (with Prof. Manoranjan Mohanty and Thiago Reis, Brazil). She is also working on the UGC’s Major Research Project, “Household and its Labouring Women: Valuing and Measuring Domestic Labour in India,” and is interested in feminist politics and epistemology, Indian modernity, and women. Savita Singh is Professor and Director, School of Gender and Development, India Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), Delhi. She lives and works in Delhi.

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