In the beginning the Foundation gave two awards annually, one in visual arts and one in poetry. Later the scheme expanded to cover classical music and classical dance also. Each award carries a sum of Rs. one lakh and a citation. It can be said without exaggeration that some of the best, the most innovative and daring artists, poets, musicians and dancers have been recipients of these highly coveted and prestigious awards. More so, because they have been instituted by a great artist who has been the exclusive donor of his personal funds to the Foundation. Apart from the above-mentioned awards the Raza Foundation, over the years, has contributed towards publication of catalogues by young artists; intellectual and creative encounters; publication of English translations of contemporary Indian poetry; celebrations of birth centenaries of two major Hindi poets, Agyeya and Shamsher Bahadur Singh; and has been involved with BAR 1 Bangalore for a workshop in new media, with the Kritya International Poetry Festival, Thiruvananthapuram, and other such events. Since 2009 the Foundation has been organizing a week-long interactive camp at Anandgram, New Delhi, featuring around fifteen of the Raza Foundation awardees. The annual event allows practitioners of visual arts, music, dance and poetry to share ideas, visions, anxieties, etc., and to develop a deeper understanding of arts other than one’s own.

Raza Foundation publishes three distinct journals- Aroop, Swarmudra and Samas. The Foundation has been active in nurturing the young talent in the arts and culture and also carrying forward the legacy of the masters. We have held over 23 editions of our 'Art Matters' panel discussion with many esteemed names from the fields of arts, literature, academics and performing arts.

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