रज़ा फ़ाउण्डेशन की वेबसाइट पर आपका स्वागत हैं।

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Vanita Gupta

Vanita Gupta (b.1972) completed her G.D. in fine arts from L.S.Raheja School of Art, Mumbai in 1992. She has held several solo shows in Mumbai on a regular basis since 1994, at the Jehangir Art Gal ...

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Avadhesh Yadav

Avadhesh Yadav (b. 1972) completed his Masters in fine arts from the Government Institute of Fine Arts, Indore (1988). In addition to three solo exhibitions in 2000, 2004 and 2008 called DUO at All ...

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Yatindra Mishra

Yatindra Mishra (b. 1977) is a poet, editor and music aficionado, who has three collections of poetry to his name – Yada Kada (1997), Ayodhya tatha anya Kavitayein (1999) and Dyodhi Par Alaap ...

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Priti Patel

Priti Patel (b. 1960) was initiated into the world of dance at the age of five and received her training from eminent Manipuri dance gurus, Late Guru Bipin Singh and the Jhaveri Sisters. Through th ...

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Bahauddin Dagar

Baha’ud- din Dagar belongs to the 20th generation of the Dagar family. He started his training on the sitar under the tutelage of his mother, Smt. Pramila Dagar, at the age of seven, and went ...

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